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Aloha!  My name is Hanakapi’ai (pronounced Hana-copy-eye) and I love photography!  A little about me personally, I was born and raised on this beautiful island called Kaua’i.  I spent my free time frolicking, adventuring, and exploring the lush jungles and exotic beaches.  I went off to college in California and returned five years later with an incredible husband.  We now have five adorable children and we are loving life!



I began taking pictures when I had my first child, fifteen years ago.  Being that I have the memory of a goldfish, I wanted to make sure to capture my precious moments, so I set to the task of learning the camera.  My knowledge grew, but another occurrence led me to further push myself in photography.  My husband is a minister and he began to receive frequent requests from off-islanders to officiate their wedding ceremonies.  Many of these couples had very simple weddings and didn’t even hire a photographer, so I would offer, and I began learning and growing by leaps and bounds.  The third occurrence that allowed me to really flourish in my pursuit was when a college friend, who is one of California’s top photographers, came for a visit and took me under her wing.  She taught me how to turn my photos into magic and here I am today!  



I would truly enjoy working with you to capture your special day in a dreamy way!


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