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Jomarie & Nate

Updated: Jan 31

Nate and Jomarie were the dream couple from the start. I recieved a phone inquiry from her just a few days before the wedding. She had found my website and really wanted me to be their photographer rather than the one that their wedding coordinator had lined up. We hit it off right away and I rearranged my schedule so that I could be a part of their special day.

The day was just perfect and Hanalei Bay was as magical as ever, with waves crashing playfully on the shore, pinetrees and palm trees swaying together in perfect harmony, and the soft golden sunlight illuminating the mystical mountainous backdrop.

Nate and Jomarie's officiant was an old friend, Tommy Tokioka, and his lovely wife Malia was the musician for the day. They make such a terrific team for classy Hawaiian style weddings. Nate claimed his spot in the sand and faced the ocean, eagerly awaiting the cue to turn around and view his bride. Jomarie's son proudly led her to the ceremony spot as Malia played her guitar and sang a lovely Hawaiian melody.

The first sight was one of overwhelming emotion. Tears, embracing, and even an unrestrainable premature kiss followed, and then the ceremony. Tommy began in the traditional Hawaiian way by blowing the conch shell. Next, the couple exchanged leis and paused to honihoni (breath in) one another. Then came the vows, exchanging of rings, and the official pronouncing of husband and wife. The wedding ended just in time to frolick and take pictures as the sun set behind the enchanting mountains. Can I just say that I love being a Kauai wedding photographer?!!

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