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Diana & David

Updated: Jan 31

David and Diana are such a unique and warm couple. Diana's sophisticated European accent and David's southern drawl were quite an interesting combination! But it worked so beautifully for them. Their chemistry was strong and their love for each other was a rare treasure to behold. I felt so privelaged to witness and be a part of their special day.

When the time was ripe, Diana adoringly fussed with David's vest and hair and then David escorted her to their spot, where my charming hubby was waiting to officiate. They said their vows with googley eyes and earnestness, and then sealed it with a long, passionate kiss.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds took a long stroll down the Polihale shoreline, talking, laughing, kissing, and embracing. Then David picked up Diana and carried her over the threshold of sand and sea. When they returned to us, it suddenly dawned on them that they had forgotten the flowers!!! Diana's lovely bouquet and their vibrant leis were sitting in their car! David, with a sense of duty and chivalry immediately ran and retrieved the forgotten florals, and they had a lei ceremony all on their own.

Now that they were properly accessorised, we went to take some photos with their Jeep. David had rented a Jeep specifically so that they could get married at Polihale, as he was smitten by the beauty of the cliffs and knew he would need a Jeep to get down the long, bumpy dirt road. These two were so giddy, playful and just adorable with each other. We rendezvoused until sunset, and then we rendezvoused some more. David and Diana weren't afraid to get wet and frolicked in the waves, splashing and giggling in complete bliss.

As a perfect close to the evening, David pulled back his shirt and revealed his true identity. He was Superman!!! Have I said yet, that I just love being a Kauai Wedding Photographer?!?!!

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