• Hanakapiai Grosse

Jessica & Jeremiah

Updated: Feb 1

Jeremiah and Jessica are a dreamy couple. Jessica seemed a little shy at first, but Jeremiah's dynamic personality brought her out of of her shell right away.

It was another radiant day at Shipwreck Beach in Poipu. It was hot, but Jessica chose the right dress for the occaision. It was light and airy, and fit her so beautifully. And her purple orchid lei and bouquet gave the perfect vibrant pop of color.

We found the perfect spot and created a heart in the sand with little lava rocks. After a bit of excited chatter, my studly husband, their designated officiant, commenced the ceremony. Emotions were high and vows were spoken with deep feeling as the sun glistened upon the water and the waves crashed playfully on the shoreline. Rings were exchanged, vows were sealed with a kiss and Jeremiah raised a fist in elated triumph!

We spent some time afterward frolicking and taking photos and then Justin scooped up Jessica and carried her into that tide, kicking and screaming with delight. It's moments like these that are the reason that I love being a Kauai wedding photographer!!!

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